Thursday, March 24, 2011

Russian Roulette

I’m really not too sure what this song is saying I’m kind of lost as to its meaning. It really seems like she is talking about a game of Russian roulette so I don’t know how to relate it to love. I guess it might mean that she’s about to make a big decision that’s life changing, when it says “close your eyes, sometimes it helps” this shows that she’s scared and nervous. The parts that say “just pull the trigger” mean for her to just make her decision about love. I think she’s also scared because she thinks she may never get another shot at love “I’m wondering will I ever see another sunrise” shows her fear.

Bad Romance

So I think lady gaga’s song basically means that no matter what she wants to be with her lover whether it be good or bad she doesn’t car she just wants to be with them. She says “I want your ugly, I want your disease” to me I think this part stands out the most because it shows that there is no part that she doesn’t want. She doesn’t care about looks she doesn’t even care about if the person has a deadly disease she then goes on to say “I want your love” repeatedly to emphasize how she feels. I think she doesn’t even care if the relationship she is in is bad because she says “you and me could write a bad romance” that statement says a lot because honestly who wants to be in a bad relationship.

Shakespeare sonnet 130

I think that Shakespeare really does like his mistress but likes to make fun of her. He says their love is rare but he describes her with not so nice things wire for hair, her lips are not as red, and she doesn’t walk she treads.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Car Audio systems

My job title is a Autotech, what is an Autotech you might ask? An Autotech is someone who in installs car audio and other 12volt applications. I love car audio and I love doing it every day to me you can never be too loud or you can never have enough speakers and amps in your car. Yes I’m the guy next to you at the stop light that is vibrating your car and whose music you can hear five cars back and yes I’m the guy that drives through your neighborhood at 2:30 in the morning with no regard to other peoples sleep. To me being able to feel the music three blocks before you can see me is an awesome feeling, I hope one day to actually compete in SPL competitions.

Trying to get in shape

So my dad is getting married in a few months and I have to lose some weight and get in shape some to look good for the wedding. Losing weight and working out is a lot easier said than done every day for the past few weeks I keep saying to myself “today is the day I go to the gym and start eating right.” I finally put my plan into action and hit the gym for the first time in a long time; it was a rude awakening of how out of shape I was. I did a few weights and hit the treadmill for a while then finished off by relaxing on the sauna for a while. After all was done I enjoyed my work out and how it made me feel now I am actually looking forward to going back.

My Weekend Trip

This weekend I will be going on a trip with my girlfriend to see her brother and then to see my grandpa I am very excited. Her brother lives in Houston and I have never been so this will be my first time there I really want to check out the aquarium when we go down there. After that we are going to go see my grandfather that lives in Gonzalez it’s about two and a half hours away. I don’t get to see him as much since he moved there so any chance I get to see him now means a lot to me. We planned to rent a SUV for the trip but with the way gas prices are there’s no way we would be able to afford the gas so instead we are going to take her car I don’t mind sacrificing the space when her car gets 26mpg. Hopefully everything goes good and we have a good time.

Riveras Mexican restaurant

Today I went to a new place called Rivera’s Mexican Restaurant to have dinner with the girlfriend. We had heard of this place before but never went so today was the day we decided to give it a shot. As we started walking up to the door there was trays and trays of boiled crawfish apparently they were having all you can eat complimentary crawfish that day. I immediately think to myself “alright this place is off to a good start” so we have a seat and try the crawfish which was my first time ever to try them and some fried jalapenos both were great. We were then about to order our meals when the waiter informed us of the drink specials needless to say we didn’t eat anymore and stuck with drinks the rest of the night. Apparently they have drink specials everyday and on the weekend it turns into a club after dark  will definitely be going back again.